My Journey 

I'd like to send a special THANK YOU to all of the folks (Store Owners, Managers, Bakers, Cake Decorators, Vocal Supporters, etc. ) that have been a part of my culinary growth. I came into the baking world with nothing but a creative mind and a desire to create sweet masterpieces, and I find myself with the same desire and creativity today. 


I started dipping my toes in the confectionery world by decorating ice-cream cakes at 2 different fast food joints. If I didn't bring bring an ice-cream cake from work to a celebration or get together, I would bake a box cake at home and decorate it with Betty Crocker icing.


I started decorating creative donuts at a gourmet donut shop. Here I decorated THOUSANDS of donuts, and I even got to fry and flip them a few times. This is when my passion for bringing people together with cute treats really grew. I wanted so desperately to be creating people's wedding and celebration cakes, but I didn't know how I could possibly get to do that for someone.


I started working for a cookie Shop in the local mall and here I baked off a plethora of cookies and cookie cakes to decorate and sell. Decorating cookie cakes for celebrations gave me a new opportunity to grow my skill set. 


This is the time when I left the cookie world and rejoined the cake world at a bakery in town. I dedicated these years to learning how to be a cake artist. During this time I learned from many talented individuals on how to torte, stack, frost and decorate cakes. I also decorated THOUSANDS of sugar cookies, cupcakes and petit 4s.


I was hired to be a baker/cake artist at a café/bakery. I loved baking here.  It was a real treat for me to have the responsibility to make cakes, start to finish. I made cookie dough and scooped cookies every day, and when needed I made pies, brownies, macarons, muffins, and more. At this point in my career I have  worked for 9 different entities making and decorating sweets. I'm grateful for all of my experience in the commercial baking industry, but I found that I wasn't happy working in it anymore. At first I thought I was losing my passion for this art, but that couldn't be more wrong. 

My Current Mission 

My goal now is to continue growing my home bakery, crafting confectionery pieces for people to enjoy and share with others. I find true joy in crafting pieces that are as memorable as they are tasty. :) 


  • Rick's Bakery - Fayetteville 
  • Connectionally Yours - Fort Smith
  • Harmony House - Muskogee